MEDSONIC provides services in the area of High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) guided by MRI:

a) MR compatible robot for research purposes.

b) MR compatible transducers.

c) Manufucturing of ABS any parts. Just send by email your STL drawing and we will manufacture it for you using the STRATASYS FDM 400. 

d) The company operates a 3_D printer which produces rapid prototyping structures made out of ABS. MEDSONIC LTD produces rapid prototyping (or digital manufacturing) models made out of ABS. All you need is to send your computer drawing in STL format and based on the size of your drawing (in cm3) we can prepare a quotation for you. The prototypes are created using a STRATASYS 3D printer (FORTUS family).

Send your drawing here:


Download brochure for FDM technology