Research grant FUSROBOT started

The research grant FUSROBOT (MRI-guided Focused UltraSound robotic system for preclinical research) started May 1 st 2019. The conostium included MEDSONIC LTD, Cyprus University of Technology (CUT), and Ygia Polyclinic. The project duration is 2 years and is funded by Research pomtion foundation. The goal in the project is to develop a 4 D MRI compatible focused ultrasound robotic system for anima


Research grant PROSTASONIC started

MEDSONIC announces that the research grant PROSTASONIC (Prostate cancer ablation with a 4D robotic system using thermal ultrasonic waves under MRI guidance) starts May 1 2019. The conostium includesMEDSONIC LTD, Cyprus University of Technology (CUT)and Ygia Polyclinic. The duration of the project is 2 years. The goal of the project is to develop a 4D MRI compatible focused ultrasound system for pr



MEDSONIC mentioned in Focused Ultrasound Foundation as a HIFU manufacturer.



MEDSONIC launches the animal experiment robot.


ECCY competition 2008

MEDSONIC LTD wins first prize in the ECCY competition 2008. The competition is organized by the University of Cyprus, the Research Promotion Foundation, ministry of industry of Cyprus, and the Cyprus Development Bank.


MEDTECH completion

MEDSONIC LTD wins first prize in the MEDTECH completion organized by Europe Unlimited on the 18 June of 2008 in Coimbra, Portugal, at the University of Coimbra.


MEDSONIC established

MEDSONIC establishes as a start-up company and hosted by the incubator ERIC