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Animal Robot
transducer elements MR-Compatible transducer animal robot
The company produces MR compatible transducers. To place an order:  


Company Overview 

MEDSONIC LTD is a startup company which was founded in 2005, under the program of high technology incubators of the ministry of Commerce, industry and tourism of Cyprus. MEDSONIC LTD is based now in Limassol, CYPRUS.

MEDSONIC LTD has graduated from the HERMIS RESEARCH & INCUBATOR CENTER (ERIC) LTD in Nicosia, Cyprus. The Research and development activities are contacted with collaboration with the therapeutic ultrasound laboratory at Cyprus University of Technology (CUT).

The company specializes in the design of MRI guided High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) systems for the treatment of cancer in brain, liver and kidney. Recently the company performs research for the treatment of stroke. The main product of the company is an MRI-guided HIFU system for research purposes.               

The research team of MEDSONIC was awarded so far several research grants (BRAINSONIC, ULTRASTROKE, SONOPLAQUE, PROFUS, DIGITRA) in the area of HIFU. Currently MEDSONIC employs 4 people. MEDSONIC has a very strong equipment infrastructure, which is valuated close to 1 million Euros.

The company operates a 3_D printer which produces rapid prototyping structures made out of ABS.

MEDSONIC LTD produces rapid prototyping (or digital manufacturing) models made out of ABS. All you need is to send your computer drawing in STL format and based on the size of your drawing (in cm3) we can prepare a quotation for you. The prototypes are created using a STRATASYS 3D printer (FORTUS family).


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