BRAINSONIC is a program for optimizing MRI signal and image for thermal ultrasonic surgery of brain tumors. Basically the contrast to noise ratio using Fast spin echo (FSE) MRI sequences will be evaluated. This system will be tested initially in freshly excised lamb brain. A spherically focused transducer operating at 1 MHz will be used. The transducer will be navigated using an MRI compatible robot. Two important issues that will be tested are:

a) Transmission of ultrasound through the intact skull and

b) Opening of the Blood brain barrier using low intensity ultrasound. The experimental verification will be done in rabbit brain. Throughout the project, the effects of ultrasound will be evaluated using histology.

Partners Fondazione Council National Reseach-Regione Toscana (Dr Massimo Lomardi) This program is funded by the Research Promotion foundation of Cyprus.

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